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   “Remember, your body already   knows what healthy looks like.”   

An MD with a Different Approach


I am here to offer something distinctly different from the conventional medical model. In fact, to do what I do requires that I NOT practice  medicine.

My work lies in helping you reach beyond the medical model to determine your next best step in getting well. 

I offer health coaching and medical advocacy that help you feel in control of your health. As a health coach, my primary services involve nutritional clarity and dietary guidance for supporting you through chronic disease.


Weight loss and chronic health repair are my specialty. I craft healing diets specifically for supporting your body's repair.


As a medical advocate, I help you understand the medical aspects of your health and serve as a guide for you as you navigate the worlds of conventional, holistic, alternative, and integrative medicine. My unusual  background provides the platform for this special service offering. I take this charge very seriously. 

My role is to help you help yourself.


Everything from education about illness, to research into integrative therapies, to choosing the right practitioner.

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Why Not Conventional Medicine? 

My story sets me apart.

Long before medical school, as a preteen, I charted a lengthy study into the science of bio-energetics and quantum theory for living systems. I studied traditional and medicinal usage of native plants, and applied classical naturopathy at home. I was a burgeoning witch doctor. At age 13, I honed in on the bio-energetics of human interaction and healing, researching scientific observations of the electromagnetic biofields around the human body. The work of The HeartMath Institute and NASA physicist Barbara Ann Brennan came into play. In high school and college, I continued my studies into neuroscience, immunology, energetic medicine, Native American spiritual-cultural teachings, and the metaphysical.  

It was an entire world away from the teachings of conventional medicine. And it was bringing about healing and repair where convention had nothing to offer.

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“There is far more a person can do than simply take medications and hope for the best.”

My work has been a significant value-add to clinicians. As I leverage self-guided behaviors, research, science, food and mental focus–alongside what the medical team is already doing—we demonstrate, time and again, that together we can achieve better health outcomes.

What makes my work unique is my perspective: my unusual training in non-medical sciences; my intuitive skill as a listener; that I see myself as a facilitator and co-explorer; my ability to imagine concepts for health change, despite the current presentation. I combine my medical and nutritional science knowledge with a sharp focus on the human health and repair potential**. My health programming is goal-oriented, outcomes-centered, and personalized. I understand that every body is unique, along with every mind, belief system, and history. I understand that no one can know your body better than you do.  My real job is to remind you that your body already knows what “healthier” feels like. Let’s bring that deep inner knowing to a conscious awareness, and then to a physical reality.

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“There is far more a person can do than simply take medications and hope for the best.”

This is not cookie-cutter medicine. 

I understand that every body is unique, along with every medical history, mindset, and belief system. I understand that no one can know your body better than you do. My work gently reminds you that your body already  knows what “healthier” looks like. My work helps you achieve what you were unable to using the conventional medical model alone.

This is a team effort. You are not alone. Along with you, me, and our own insight, research, and focus, we will have a wonderful network of passionate, powerfully skilled practitioners from the GreenHealth network of providers, offering insight and therapy along the way. Together, let's put our minds together and discover real solutions for you.

Are you working with a doctor? Welcome. I would love to work with you, and your doctor. My offerings pair well with clinicians. As we leverage non medical factors alongside your medical team efforts, we can demonstrate that together we can achieve better health outcomes.

Ready to get started? Contact me, and let the discovery begin*.

*Amron Bevels-Wilson and GreenHealth services are operating within the wellness consulting, health coaching capacity only, and do not perform the roles of a licensed physician. GreenHealth, Inc. is a wellness consulting and health coaching firm only.

**Physician involvement may be required and is highly appreciated. Services at GreenHealth are not a substitute for medical care and, by law, are neither intending nor claiming to diagnose, treat, cure, or mitigate any disease or illness.

***GreenHealth engages with clients on a wellness and health-promotion, educational basis, and does not deal in the realm of diagnosis, treatment, or cure. We are here to help remind you that your body already knows what healthy looks like, and that, in facing a health challenge, there is more that you can do for yourself than simply take the meds. Leveraging knowledge of conventional medicine, pharmacology, and integrative nutrition, GreenHealth intends to facilitate others making positive choices in their self care.

“Amron taught me how to connect with my body… how to stay in tune with my emotions. We are all different and have different body types. Amron creates a plan for your unique body to help you obtain stellar results. There are so many diets out there and I can honestly say that I have tried at least 80% of them, however, I was never able to obtain the results that I got with Amron."

--Claudia M