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   “Remember, your body already   knows what healthy looks like.”   

New Medicine:

A Collaborative Guided Experience


This is a special offering

for women & open-hearted men.

Let's dive deep into your life and bolster your evolution.

Call for details. The possibilities are vast, and after an initial meeting we will know where to begin.


Let's jump in. Way in. Together. 

Emotional + Mental. Psycho-Spiritual + Beyond

Let's take a deep dive into what's brewing for you on a soul level.

Lasting 1 to 3 months, this is a personal exploration that we do together, guided by your higher self and what calls to us next. I serve as your helper and field guide, and together we make moves toward your personal and spiritual development on a highly attuned level.

Work with me in this capacity might involve exploring any of the following: 

  • delve into the particulars of your constitution + unique personal make-up

  • astrological elements of your unique post in life + a forecast of what is coming next

  • a kickstart into the next realm of your spiritual development with the help of a highly-skilled medium (choose from a short list of highly talented intuitives)

  • help resolving a stuck-point, limiting thought patterns, or residue that are blocking your flow of energy & clarity 

  • re-parenting: breaking out of cycles & liberating your expansion

  • lineage stuff: discover & actually break cords passed on through ages of lives; learn lessons gifted to you from past life experiences + expand your clarity, drive, & sense of self-awareness

  • break through energetic blocks to your creative output using highly-attuned feedback from an intuitive who can move energies

  • post-psychedelic journeying + facilitation, to release past trauma, shepherd grief processing, etc.  



1 solo experience: $599 

1-month intensive: $999 

3-month intensive: $2,999



Releasing past trauma, grieving thoroughly, or moving through anger can be essential to enabling massive healing, shift in perspective, a return to our sense of power, and achieving new levels of winning at life. There are many ways to open the flood gates to greater well-being. Let's take a look at wellness from the emotional seat and see what unfolds.



Rooting for your expansion,

from Root to Crown




When we change the energetics, we change everything.


Are you ready to work together?

Contact me here.