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   “Remember, your body already   knows what healthy looks like.”   

Healing Beyond the Physical:

Clinics for Women




These gatherings happen on a rolling basis, and are facilitated in-person and online by Amron and Desiree Mangandog. We call them clinics because these experiences are short and focused. You will leave with new information, new clarity, new sensation, and new awareness about yourself and your path. 


Are you ready to move an emotional block that's been

holding you back from your healing?

Are you ready to uplevel your belief system about

your purpose, your self esteem, and

the value you provide to this planet?


There is a massive shift in consciousness happening now among women everywhere. My work is to nurture this growth within as many women as I can, to help shepherd you across these critical transformations happening spiritually and intuitively. 

Let us walk you through these critical transformations.


For women connecting more deeply and more intentionally with innate intuition, deeper wisdom, and spiritual knowing, these clinics are opportunities to receive potent, powerful, loving and energetically-aligned treatments tailored just for you at this moment. For all who seek it, meaningful shift is a guarantee. 

Strengthen your internal compass.

Develop the necessary boundaries.

Discover that next step you need to take.

Get the clarity, courage, and reinforcement you need to do it.

Recover faster, physically, mentally, emotionally. 

Heal from trauma. Be more fully YOU.


These gatherings happen on a rolling basis, and are facilitated by Amron and Desiree Mangandog. Desiree is an intuitive seer and spiritual transformation coach. Desiree is a woman who has stepped fully into her potential, demonstrating a no-nonsense clarity and courage that is nothing short of inspired and inspiring. At these clinics, Desiree brings her A game of exquisite clarity and integrity, an impeccable place-holder for your highest and best version of YOU.

Receive a powerful treatment that will help you embark on that next step in your life.

Treatments are completely personalized and channeled for YOU. There is great care, compassion, support and love generated at these gatherings.

These are called clinics because these gatherings are short and focused. This is not a highly social event, although many friendships are formed at these gatherings. 

Sound like your cup of tea? Jump aboard.

After the Event

You will have an opportunity to join our community that helps members

- tap more clearly into your innate intuition and spiritual knowing

- connect more consciously with your spiritual support network

- address blocks to creativity, blocks to self worth, and blocks to receiving wealth

- identify your soul's joyful work and connect with your sense of purpose so that you can 

- be more effective in your work on the planet  

Cost: $499

Contact me to inquire.