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   “Remember, your body already   knows what healthy looks like.”   

Medical Advocacy 

Are you dealing with a complex medical issue?

Would you like help navigating?



I can help you: 

- Understand your medical situation better.

- Know the options available to you, both within and beyond the medical framework. 


- Have an informant by your side to help you research and think through the options available.


- Discover non-medical therapeutic options that can apply to your case.

- Discover trained practitioners in non-medical modalities.

- Understand aspects of self-health-support that you can perform on your own, beyond simply taking medications.

- Learn about the power of light and light therapy in altering cell behavior.


- Learn about the realm of plants and plant medicines for altering brain ruts and patterns that contribute to your illness.


- Support the immune system with research-backed nutrition and supplements proven to strengthen immunity. 


- Learn what chemical products to avoid in your home.


- Learn sleep hygiene tactics for better daytime energy and a stronger, more resilient body.


- Develop a strategic plan of therapies that will get you feeling the healing. Faster.

- Develop a research-backed strategy for promoting natural healing using food & supplementation.


- Fortify your body and cells with real nutrition that supports body-wide repair.

- Streamline your results. Have a trained medical professional with a full-spectrum awareness by your side.

- Understand your options.

- Feel well-researched and confident in your health decisions.

- Find the right practitioner(s) for your needs. 


- Use me as a liaison to help you coordinate your care and communicate with your clinicians & practitioners.





$499 - High-level strategy session. 

Review whole health story. Identify core elements. Prioritize. Address top line items. Up to 3 consulting + research hours.


$999 - In-depth strategy + build-out. 3 sessions. 

All of above + Develop a comprehensive game plan. Every circumstance is unique. Up to 6 hours. 

$1,999 - Comprehensive medical advocacy. 60 days of support.

All of above. Medical advocacy. Ongoing comprehensive support. Up to 12 hours. 

Payment plans, other options, group classes, group rates available.



I am ready to dig in with you and help. 


After earning my doctorate of medicine, I returned to work professionally within the world of complementary medicine and nutrition research. I know where the conventional medical portfolio starts and ends. I can look at a complex health situation and suss out clear options for reaching new frontiers in health resolution. Sometimes this requires looking beyond the medical model, delving into realms of nutrition, diet, behaviors, and even subconscious patterns. The psycho-emotional and bio-energetic realms are real, and sometimes, giving your attention to them can facilitate expedited outcomes, massive shifts in depression and mood, and new views on life. I am comfortable with the alternative, the conventional, and the integrative. I know a lot about modalities beyond the medical model. Acupuncture, photobiomodulation therapy and fascial release, to name a few, are achieving demonstrable changes in health outcomes ranging from diabetes to allergies, to traumatic brain injury and concussion. As your medical advocate, I am a value-add to your medical team. We all want your highest health success. Having an advocate by your side can help you and your medical team reach your goals as we support all facets of your health picture, within the medical model and beyond.

I look forward to working with you.

Contact me to get started.