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   “Remember, your body already   knows what healthy looks like.”   

New Year, New Vibe

Join me for a 4-week booster program, just you and me.

Accelerate your *A S C E N D* with me on this 4-week 1:1 experience:

•Clear some fog that’s been muddying your clear intuition

•Declutter your body systems on an emotional and a physical level, with an energetic treatment combined with a body cleanse that’ll get you sparkling and feeling way lighter, and more energized

•Nourish your body to maximize energy production and jumpstart new repair

•Stretch into that Next Version of You that’s been incubating and brewing

•Wiggle out of a lower vibration into your naturally higher set-point

•Drop some burdens and rise into a higher capacity in your day to day living

•Embody SPIRIT even more ... from Root to Crown



•You just need some fine-tuning to your vibe, cuz the hustle and bustle of life has got you a little out of your groove.

•You fell a little out of practice with your self-attunement, either on a spiritual self-care level or on a physical body care level, and would love to get some streamlining and accountability love to get yourself back on track.

•You feel mentally sluggish or emotionally exhausted, detached, worn down, more cynical than you'd like, heavier in your body, dragged down, etc., and you know it doesn't have to be like this.


You’ve come to the right place.

Let's work together 1-on-1 to re-engage with your *flow* and accelerate the work you are here to create in this world.

Programs begin after January 20th, 2020.

Limited spaces available. Click below to secure your spot.

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