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   “Remember, your body already   knows what healthy looks like.”   

Nutrition & Healing Diets



Our bodies are made to recover.

Remember: healing, repair, and recovery are natural, built-in forces that are always at play in your body.

Nutritional support is about building up the body’s natural, innate faculties for repair.



My work with health challenges involves many aspects of healing:

  • promoting cellular energy to fuel repair 

  • reducing suppressants to healing such as

    • immune weakness 

    • inflammation and oxidative stress 

    • emotional stress

  • fortifying the cells of the body with strategic nutrients and whole foods.

  • dietary habits.

  • well-planned supplements where needed. 

  • adequate REST. 

  • drinking enough clean water. 

  • avoiding the stressful stuff (not always easy). 

  • supporting a healthy gut.

  • See details of my approach, below. 



Your body is always leaning in the direction of repair.

My approach to health challenges

Identify the insult. Start by looking for opportunities to clean up inflammation, neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress, boost immunity, fortify the gut, and remove toxic loads. Another key element here is to take a serious look at the environment, and search out opportunities to clean it up. This means all of your environments–internal and external, physical and mental. Where are you experiencing stress in your life right now? Residual stress or trauma? What recurring thoughts, patterns, and beliefs are you living with these days? Let’s take a look at your social connections as well as the foods you are putting into your body… We must consider both physical and mental activity… exposure to toxins such as microbes, faux foods, topical agents and other chemicals the body might be coming into contact with. 

Remove the blockage. This is where a program might come in. I can help you create a step-wise process for cleaning up your internal and external environments, removing toxic elements, enabling more repair. There is a wealth of resources at your fingertips, here. I have a network of fantastically skilled, highly trained practitioners who specialize in medical and non-medical modalities. Let me be your informant. You be the guide. Read more about this offering, here. Books, research reports, practitioners, other people's stories, and daily practices can all help. Let's unkink the kinks and let the wellness unfold.

Fuel the repair. Here is where the magic happens. By cleaning up our environment(s), we actually enable natural processes of healing to flourish and flow. It's amazing. In order to enable and fuel repair, we will learn the importance of many things: Nourishment. Fortifying the body. Helping it rebuild with strategic nutrients and whole foods. Dietary habits. Well-planned supplements where needed. Getting adequate REST. Drinking enough clean water. Avoiding the stressful stuff (not always easy). Supporting a healthy gut. All important.


I will help you practice positive habits that re-wire and support the toxin-reduced environment you have identified. Healing and repair are natural processes that happen when we stop inhibiting them. Every aspect of livelihood benefits when you clean up your act. From losing weight in your sleep (really!) and realizing newfound taste preferences for highly-nutritious foods, to effortlessly and gleefully cleaning out that garage you’ve been neglecting. Enlightened thinking and physical ways of being are common side-benefits. When we work together, previously untenable phenomena become absolutely possible.

Read more about my medical advocacy support. 


$499 - nutrition consultation for illness support.

Strategy, plan, + build-out. See details here.

I'll help you clean out your cupboards & replace your staples with better choices. We can discuss general guidelines for fortifying health, including cooking tactics and recipes. This can be a powerful first step to streamlining healing.

$699 & Up - Personal Chef Experience + 1 nutrition consult.

Amron sends a personal chef your way. Home-cooked nourishing meals you can freeze and warm, such as lasagna, shepherd's pie or a pot of chili. Great for families.  

Payment Plans + Free Consultations Available.

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