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   “Remember, your body already   knows what healthy looks like.”   

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We cannot ignore the energy.



Quite simply, our bodies are compositions of energy in various states of flow. Thinking energetically, we see that thoughts and emotions exist within higher states of energetic flow, while physical form exists at lower, slower, more dense states of flow. Higher states of energetic flow correlate with greater fluidity, and a faster ability to change. Eastern and indigenous medicines observe, that in the case of dis-ease: an energetic presence of illness can be observed forming well before any physical manifestation of disease develops. Once an illness precipitates down to the physical level, the energy of it is more dense; less fluid; stickier to budge. Thinking energetically, it makes sense to address a physical illness by way of its associated energetic block, alongside the physical. 


REPAIR is a natural, always-on, healing force within your body.

Knowing that REPAIR is a natural, always-on healing force within our bodies, the goal of energetic medicine--any medicine--should be to remove obstruction to repair, clear disruptive toxins, and ALLOW the repair to arise. 


I am here to show you ways to leverage your current level of wellness, develop further health resilience, and improve on your rate of repair.



When we change the energetics, we change everything.

When we block the flow of energy, we prevent the flow of wellness. Prolonged blockage gives way to illness.

Whether it be physical occlusion in a body system, mental-emotional hangups such as negative emotion, confusion, or a sense of low self-value, blockage is a form of obstruction that dis-allows wellness, healing, and repair. 



Let's unblock the flow and allow wellness to rise.

Releasing past trauma, grieving thoroughly, or moving through anger can be essential to enabling massive physical healing and achieving physical wellness. Likewise, removing toxins from the environment and abstaining from processed foods and discomforting  relationships can allow massive shifts in your sense of wellbeing. There are many ways to open the flood gates to greater well-being. Together we can hone in on the method and the focus-point that is right for you. I periodically host Healing Clinics for Women. Read about them here.


Repair is a natural healing reflex within your body.

Let's tend to the physical and the energetics to allow more of that healing to unfold.

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