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   “Remember, your body already   knows what healthy looks like.”   

Weight Loss


Has your body been resistant to releasing weight? 

Let's take this beyond where you've been able to go before.



Unwanted body fat is associated with other unwanted elements in your life.

Are you ready to take a look?

Repattern ruts. Rewire trauma. Address self-sabotage.

Rewire compulsion and change your reflex-response to stress.


You'll be working with a doctor who understands weight loss, nutrition and emotional wellness.  

The goal is to get you feeling that weight loss is attainable, and that weight gain is not a thing to be feared. Weight change is an inside job that goes beyond just the physical body.

This program will get you feeling strong, energized, and alive.






$499 - rapid strategy session.

Fast tools for a quick turnaround on your own. Critical foundations for results.

$2,499 - strategy + build-out. 4-6 weeks of support. 

Guided support, ongoing. Deep education about critical inner workings of your body. Convert blocks to breakthroughs. Release fear about what it takes to accomplish sustainable weight release.

$5,999 - 3 months of unlimited support.

Full access to Amron's support for 90 days.

Learn to attune to your body. Repattern ruts and sabotage. Re-wire compulsion and change your reflexes. Delve into the depths of psycho-emotional change. 

Also an excellent choice for individuals with a complex wellness portfolio.

Payment plans + group rates available. Let's make it happen.



On the physical level:

Let's displace toxic burden and replace unhealthy cells with new ones.

Let's retrain your metabolic systems to use FAT instead of sugar for energy, allowing your own body fat stores to fuel daytime energy, superpower your mental clarity and boost physical power and alertness! It's real. Let's support your stress-management systems and help cool off inflammation from various forms of stress. Let's leverage your body's own innate repair mechanisms, fortifying your system so it can build a new you.

Let's Make it Healthy, Efficient and Mindful.


No junk foods here. This is a real-food program that is clean, revitalizing, and nutrient dense.

No wasting time. This program offers you the fastest routes to weight release, leveraging all the research performed to date. You will have several options to choose from. 

No unconscious weight loss, here. You need to be tapped in and connected with your body system.

Let's get you there.

The Way 

Instead of reducing calories and restricting foods, let's instead focus on NOURISHing your body so that it can intelligently manage its own healthy, balanced weight-shed and repair.


You are working with a doctor who understands weight loss, nutrition and chronic disease. 

Every program is individualized and tailored to YOU. Programs are created based upon what you present, including past health history, current health picture, dietary needs, mindset and concerns, and specific body metrics. If you like what you see, give me a ring. I look forward to working with you!

You'll never be confused again.


This method re-trains your body to use its own fat stores for fuel and energy. This process typically takes only 3-5 days to get underway. It is common to see marked weight release within the first 7 days. What happens in this segment is a combination of biochemical retooling and physical slimming from fat burning, while providing a rest and repair phase for body-wide repair. The methods are strict, but short-term. The information is rich and can be dense, but it is establishing clarity around food and body chemistry so that you'll never be confused again. Even better, once you get going, you won't have to come back for a refresher course. 

This is fat burning without exercise. 


This process depletes the body’s reserves of what we call QUICK ENERGY--namely, stores of sugars (glycogen is sugar in storage form). This depletion forces the body to move on to use body fat for energy (along with some muscle, which we solve for before it happens).  A specific balance of macronutrients, unlimited eating of the RIGHT stuff (yes, unlimited!), and specific gut rest periods are keys to the results we see.

Hunger is not a part of the program. Ever. 


Thanks to intermittent fasting and new discoveries in fat-fueling, satiety is no longer an issue. By the end of the first week, adjustments within the metabolic state enable greater access to the body’s fat stores, resulting in a wonderfully efficient fat “burn” that gets more and more efficient, day by day. Your body should clearly be in a “fat-burning” mode within a few short days.

It is very common to see inches and pounds transform within the first week.

This program is an extremely beneficial, health-reparative program. The metabolic and endocrine systems have an opportunity to build themselves anew during this phase. Blood sugar imbalances typically show measurable signs of self-correction, almost immediately. An autoimmune presentation, depression, or similar state can begin to display tangible changes in terms of daytime energy, sleep quality, and physical discomfort within 3-5 weeks.

This program enables key metabolic + signaling systems to take a break, do some cleanup, and reset.


Benefits extend beyond weight loss. This method presents an important opportunity for healing and repair of health challenges associated with metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular health, and blood sugar balance. Muscle toning, brain health, and arterial health support happen now. Mood enhancement, daytime energy, sleep quality, and support for hormone self-balancing can all happen now. This is a reset, rest, and repair period for those metabolic organs involved in fat gain and fat retention. This is the phase that sets up the body for long-term weight control (so that when you reintroduce a slice of cheesecake, for instance, the body doesn’t freak out and trigger fat storage in response).


When You Choose A Long-term Support Option:

You will have access to a more expansive experience in your body-balance journey. Taking a full-spectrum wellness approach, you will have opportunities to meet with extremely talented, highly-skilled practitioners who think beyond the medical model to help you refine your attunement to your body on a higher level. This is where you will have a chance to re-pattern ruts, rewire trauma and address self-sabotage. These experiences can help you rewire compulsion and change your reflex-responses to stress. Throughout our time together, I will be on call for you and on standby to support.


My work is successful when you feel growth and new revelations about your life, unconscious patterns, and how they impact your body.

My methods are not new. I have been studying this stuff and applying it since 2009. I was one of the first doctors to learn the real paleo method. I have kept up with all the science. I know all the tricks and shortcuts. I have discovered that there is no one-size-fits-all approach that works. You are unique. Your story actually matters. I use a combination of methods including whole food strategies, ketogenic principles, bio-energy work, tender loving self care, adequate rest, and carefully planned, customized supplementation to fortify the body's innate systems, without requiring exercise. As the weight is coming off, you'll be gathering the tools to keep it off for good. 


Feeling Ready?