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   “Remember, your body already   knows what healthy looks like.”   

More About Working With Me


With each client, I serve as the primary hub, walking you through a discovery process, reviewing personal history, medical data, life realities,  big changes, and all. From there, research and supportive programming are provided when needed, along with offerings for guidance in selecting the right practitioner and modality for your needs. The goal is to help you feel informed and empowered, so that you can make the best self-care decisions for yourself. When working with me, ongoing support is always available to you.   


What makes my health coaching unique is my personal story and broad background of study spanning conventional medicine and nutritional supplementation, indigenous use of medicinal plants, physical science, mind-body communication, and bio-ENERGETICS of the human system. Thank you for coming to visit. 


My work works because we take a full account of you and your story. All elements of your personal history matter.


I am here to vouch for your highest health.



Ready to get started? Contact me. Free consultations available.