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   “Remember, your body already   knows what healthy looks like.”   

More About Working With Me


Are you ready to take a look beyond the physical model of illness?

Are you ready to tap into the full-being side of wellness?

Health is an inside job.

It includes our sense of vigor, joy, and resilience, on a mental and an emotional level. It includes elements such as self confidence, and trust in our body and in the behaviors we choose to follow day-to-day.

Let me help make sense of this with you for the purpose of simply feeling better.

We cannot rely on outside medications and chemicals to keep us in balance. There is far more to your overall wellness than a medical test. Your energetic resilience is a key element that is left out of the medical model. We will attend to this here. 


With each client, I serve as the primary hub, walking you through a discovery process, to help you reach a new level of wellness.

We address personal history, medical data, life realities, big changes, and all.

Research and supportive programming are provided when needed, along with offerings for guidance in selecting the right practitioner/modality for your needs. 

When working with me, ongoing support is always available to you.   


My work works because we take a full account of you and your story. All elements of your personal history matter. 


I am here to vouch for your highest health.



Ready to get started? Contact me. Free consultations available.